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Christopher and Martina Mann

Christopher & Martina Mann


Christopher Mann was born in London in 1930, to pioneer teachers of the first English-speaking Waldorf school. He eventually became a Waldorf teacher himself, and developed his first community development in Sussex, called Michael Fields. In the early 1980s, Christopher and his wife, Martin, a purchased their first parcel of agricultural land in the US and created a community farm. They also founded the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute in East Troy, WI, and served on its Board of Trustees for many years. Throughout his lifetime, Christopher developed enterprises and land trusts to support biodynamic, organic and sustainable agriculture, along with research and education on these practices. Of these, Living Lands Trust was founded as a supporting organization to RSF Social Finance, the Biodynamic Association and Michael Fields Agricultural Institute. Christopher found great joy in meeting pioneers involved in new anthroposophical and spiritually based initiatives.