All Grass Farms

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All Grass Farms

Location: East Troy, WI

Area Protected: 420 Acres

Easement Partners: Geneva Lake Conservancy

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All Grass Farms is composed of over 300 acres that is part of southeastern Wisconsin complex of Living Lands, an area that was inhabited and stewarded by the Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi and other First Peoples prior to European colonization and settlement.


The Place

All Grass is a diversified, regenerative farm that strives to raise their animals and produce using the most natural, humane and environmentally sustainable farming practices possible. For the animals, "natural" means raising them in an environment they are accustomed to from hundreds or thousands of years of evolution, eating what nature intended them to eat and allowing them to express their animal instincts. For garden produce, they try to use heirloom varieties of plants that are acclimated to the region’s climate and soils, so they can thrive without artificial fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The Wisconsin lands complement and support the original home of All Grass in Dundee, Illinois, which sells direct to consumers in the Chicago foodshed from its on-farm store, providing raw milk, pastured/woodland pork, free range broiler and laying chickens, grass-fed beef, and a variety of vegetables.

The Stewards


Cliff McConville & Anna Lipinska

Farmers, Land Stewards, Entrepreneurs

Support Our Work

Contact us about plans to convert a horse barn into a micro creamery at All Grass Farms--an opportunity to bring more wholesome dairy products to the community while diversifying and expanding the operations of the farm!