Humble Oak

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Humble Oak

Location: East Troy, WI

Area Protected: 80 Acres

Easement Partners: Geneva Lake Conservancy

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Humble Oak is a nature-based learning center located at The Woods conservation area in the southeastern Wisconsin complex of living lands. This land was inhabited and stewarded by the Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi and other First Peoples prior to European colonization and settlement of the region.

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The Place

Amidst a predominantly agricultural landscape, The Woods is Living Lands Trust’s only public conservation area and offers trails through a relatively natural forest ecosystem for exploration and solace. Partnering with Humble Oak has brought added stewardship and purpose to The Woods. As a start-up nonprofit and outdoor learning and arts center, Humble Oak provides nature-based programming to connect individuals of all ages more deeply to themselves, the land and the greater community. Through direct interactions with plants and animals, a wide exposure to craft and skill, and a deepened engagement with beauty, wonder, and awe, Humble Oak’s curriculum invites a sense of imagination, responsibility, and joy. By layering multiple interests and rights—i.e. the community’s use and enjoyment of trails, Humble Oak’s use of the land for education and discovery, and Geneva Lake Conservancy’s conservation easement for protection of ecological integrity—The Woods represents a contemporary commons.

The Stewards

Erin- bio picutre

Erin Houlinhan

Lead Teacher, Co-Director


Monica Storey

Music Teacher


Jodie Janovec

Visual Arts Teacher, Co-Director



Noel Battista

Lead Teacher


Anna Zinga

Teacher, Co-Director

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