Reciprocal Protection & Restoration in the Anderson Valley

The Dream of Filigreen Forest

We are humbled to be part of a rare opportunity to protect and restore 300+ acres of coastal redwood forest in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino Co.

Over the past six months, Living Lands Trust has been working closely with the landowner of the 317 acres of forest that abuts the western boundary of Filigreen Farm. The forest is composed primarily of 3rd and 2nd growth coastal redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) mixed with Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) and Tanoak (Notholithocarpus denssiflorus) among other species, which cover the northeast facing slopes that rise some 700 feet above the valley floor. The forest has been periodically cut for timber over the last century, with the last major harvests in the 1960’s and early 90’s. Now it is once again slated for intensive harvest, which would have lasting adverse impacts on the life of the land and water at a time when healthy natural systems are needed more than ever as they continuously wane under development pressure and environmental degradation.  In June, Living Lands Trust reached agreement to purchase the land at appraised fair market value, paid through an installment sale. The first installment paid in August 2023, and the second in January 2024.  We are seeking the last of the funds needed to realize the critical first step of protecting the land as we work toward a much longer process of reciprocal healing and restoration.

We invite you to join in the journey to protect and restore Filigreen Forest!  Find out more at Filigreen Forest Storymap; make a contribution at Make a Financial Contribution | Living Lands Trust; and for further information or to discuss other giving options, please contact David Outman, Executive Director, at Thank you for your vision and support!

Bird’s eye view of landscape topography and the parcel boundaries; existing protected land of Filigreen Farm outlined in teal, and redwood forest tract to be purchased and permanently protected outlined in red.