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Donating land and real estate is a powerful way to advance land-centric work and affect systemic change for the future. It does, however, require careful consideration and a meaningful process that reflects the significance of the gift and honors the land itself. The intention of the process is to help create reciprocal relationships between Living Lands Trust, the Gift Maker, and the Land—where there is a sense of mutual gratitude and harmony—that can carry over to all those who may live, work, play, and grow here in the future.

"As a landowner, I have chosen to gift High Hope Ranch to Living Lands Trust because of their dedication and commitment to stewardship in perpetuity.  They care not only for the ecological and economic importance of such places but also honor the non-material, elemental forces which are a dynamic part of these living systems.  Living Lands Trust listened and collaborated closely over several years to craft a Covenant of Promise that ensures protection for these land-based efforts and carries this work forward for the good of people and the Earth."

-K. Jurzykowski


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