Supported Organizations

Supported Organizations

Who We Work With

Living Lands Trust was incorporated as a "supporting organization" to work collaboratively with two independent non-profit organizations: RSF Social Finance and the Biodynamic Demeter Alliance. While each organization has its own distinct purpose and mission, together they hold the potential for land protection, finance, and biodynamic practice to work in harmony.

RSF Social Finance Logo


RSF Social Finance is a financial services organization dedicated to revolutionizing how people relate to money. They have formed an ever-growing community of motivated, values-driven investors, donors and entrepreneurs. By bringing these groups together, they help foster transformation from an unjust and extractive economy to one that brings healing and regeneration. Since 1984, RSF has focused on relationships over transactions, integration over fragmentation and mutual support over competition.

Biodynamic Demeter Alliance

Biodynamic Demeter Alliance

The Biodynamic Demeter Alliance unites our nation’s diverse biodynamic community within a vibrant and progressive organization to serve as a leader in the regenerative agriculture movement and the broader food system.

Core Practices

Fulfilling our purpose involves a commitment to several core practices.

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