Sustaining Places
Across Generations

Honoring the spirit of place, stewarding land and buildings and providing opportunities for those destined to work in harmony with land and nature.

Stewards & Protected Lands

High Hope Ranch

Glen Rose, TX

Grassway Organics

East Troy, WI

Filigreen Farm

Boonville, CA

All Grass Farms

East Troy, WI

Temple-Wilton Community Farm

Wilton, NH

Mandaamin Institute

Lake Geneva, WI

Humble Oak

East Troy, WI

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

East Troy, WI

Lovelight Flowers

East Troy, WI

The gift of land - illustration

Land Gifts

Donating land to qualified charitable organizations is the most powerful way to leave a legacy. Living Lands Trust graciously accepts gifts of land so that it can be made available to regenerative farmers and ecological stewards who ensure its long-term viability.

Setting Roots for Place-Based Economies

Over the course of more than two decades, we've fostered regenerative land stewardship and challenged conventional notions of property ownership. Today, we carry forward the founding vision of nourishing people and place.

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