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More Stewards & Places

Lovelight Flowers

Location: East Troy, WI


Lovelight Flowers is a floral design and market garden enterprise located in the southeastern Wisconsin complex of living lands.

Lovelight Flowers specializes in growing a diverse array of cut flowers using biodynamic principles and creating unique and inspired floral designs that also feature other native plant materials. Throughout the growing season they offer weekly and monthly floral bouquet shares, as well as beautiful, eco-chic wedding design packages—growing flowers with love for people and the Earth!

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Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

Location: East Troy, WI

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI) carries out agronomic research and stewards land in the southeastern Wisconsin complex of living lands.

In collaboration with The Land Institute, MFAI is growing and studying the perennial grain Kernza©. Perennial grain systems have the potential to prevent and reverse the most detrimental effects of the current annual, monocultural approach that dominates grain production today. A naturally regenerating, Kernza builds soil, retains soil nutrients, increases carbon capture in roots, enhances and protects biodiversity, and protects and improves water quality. In addition to the Kernza trials, MFAI’s research and stewardship includes organic corn breeding, industrial hemp, and warm season species cover cropping under monoculture, biculture, and polyculture conditions. MFAI’s applied agronomic research is helping to address today’s pressing challenges around soil health and retention, water quality, climate resilience, and food security.

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Mandaamin Institute

Location: Lake Geneva, WI

The Mandaamin Institute carries out agronomic research on corn as part of the southeastern Wisconsin complex of living lands.

Mandaamin is the Algonquian word for corn/the spirit of corn; Mandaamin means ‘wonder seed.’ The Institute’s research focuses on non-GMO breeding of corn and wheat for enhanced protein quality and superior nutrition, and improved uptake of nitrogen and other soil nutrients—even working towards nitrogen-fixing capacity.

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