Filigreen Farm

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Filigreen Farm

Location: Boonville, CA

Area Protected: 97 Acres

Easement Partners: Anderson Valley Land Trust

Filigreen Map

Situated between mixed coniferous forest and oak woodland, Filigreen Farm is located on 97 acres in the Anderson Valley of Mendocino County, on California's North Coast.  The land was originally inhabited and stewarded by the Tabahtea (Tah-bah-tay) Pomo First Peoples named after Taa-Bo-Tah, or Long Valley. Today, the farm is managed as a living entity that is part of the larger ecosystem in which it sits.


The Place

A Demeter-certified Biodynamic and CCOF certified organic farm, Filigreen is a diversified enterprise whose primary products are orchard fruits, olives, wine and table grapes, berries, vegetables, cut flowers, and herbs. It also houses an apiary and an ongoing inquiry into water revitalization through the use of flowforms and other vortices by design. Year-round experimentation and research are core elements of the farm's mission. New cultivars, rootstocks, training methods and nursery techniques are continually developed, applied, and adapted, which give the farm the independence it needs for intensive production. The successful riparian restoration of Anderson Creek--a major tributary of the Navarro River that bisects the farm--serves as an example and training ground for other riparian restoration efforts in the valley. Six families participate in the working life of the farm, four of whom reside at Filigreen, cultivating a farm community and intergenerational way of life.

The Stewards


Chris Tebbutt

Farmer, Orchardist, Landscape Designer, and Land Steward


Annie Courtens

Farmer, Land Steward, Production Manager


Stephanie Tebbutt

Farmer, Orchardist, Landscape Designer, and Land Steward


Edgar Serna

Farmer, Land Steward, Field Manager

crew shot

Filigreen Farm Crew

Front Row (left to righr): Abigail, Clarissa, Edgar, Annie, Stephanie; Back Row (left to right): Alberto, Fernando, Jose Maria, Chris, Margarita, and Sonia

Support Our Work

We invite you to join in the journey to protect and restore Filigreen Forest!  This is a rare and precious opportunity to restore over three hundred acres of coastal redwood forest so that these elderflora may in turn help us mitigate and adapt to the weather extremes of a warmer more volatile world.

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