Stewards & Places

Stewards & Places

Meet Our Stewards

Living Lands Trust was born of an impulse not to “save” land, but to nourish the physical and spiritual well-being of people through land.

Thus, living lands are defined by the people who steward these places. Beyond simply offering land for people to visit and “experience nature,” Living Lands Trust provides opportunities for people to live with-and-through the land; to become deeply familiar with its inhabitants and cycles, and be conscious actors in its ecology.

Explore Places

Across ~3,000 acres in four US states, Living Lands Trust is fostering a land-culture of respect, responsibility and reciprocity between people and place. For generations to come.

High Hope Ranch

Glen Rose, TX

Grassway Organics

East Troy, WI

Filigreen Farm

Boonville, CA

All Grass Farms

East Troy, WI

Temple-Wilton Community Farm

Wilton, NH

Mandaamin Institute

Lake Geneva, WI

Humble Oak

East Troy, WI

Michael Fields Agricultural Institute

East Troy, WI

Lovelight Flowers

East Troy, WI

Easement Partners

Anderson Valley Land Trust

The Anderson Valley Land Trust helps assure the long-term ecological integrity and natural heritage of Filigreen Farm through its stewardship of a conservation easement on the land.

Geneva Lake Conservancy

The Geneva Lakes Conservancy looks after the long-term ecological integrity and natural heritage of the majority of the southeastern Wisconsin complex of Living Lands. This includes All Grass Farm, Grassway Organics Farm and The Woods of Humble Oak School.

Town of Wilton

Land and Community Heritage

NRCS New Hampshire

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Donate land, make a financial contribution or give your time.

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