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Grassway Organics

Location: East Troy, WI

Area Protected: 313 Acres

Easement Partners: Geneva Lake Conservancy

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Grassway Organics Farm is the core of a complex of living lands located where the Rock River Drift Plain and Kettle Moraine ecoregions meet in southeastern Wisconsin; land that was inhabited and stewarded by the Ho-Chunk, Potawatomi and other First Peoples prior to European colonization and settlement of the region.

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The Place

Grassway is committed to managed rotational grazing of its Jersey herd on the farm’s 200+ acres of pasture. They focus on bloodlines and milk only A2A2 cows for their raw milk cooperative. Because of the value of diversity within their regenerative approach to farming, these stewards pasture-raise chickens for eggs and meat; they also raise dairy steers, turkeys and farrow-to-finish hogs. Animals are cared for with a deep belief in the power and benefits of fresh air, sunshine and exercise for health and happiness, which in turn produce milk, cheese and meats that are nourishing for body, mind and soul. All products are directed marketed form their on-farm store. In addition to their regenerative farming operation, they also host an outdoor dining experience during summer weekends, offering artisan, woodfired pizza and a selection of local beer—a true community gathering place and a destination for anyone interested in experiencing the health and vitality of a regeneratively stewarded farm.

The Stewards


Chaz and Megan Self

Farmers, Builders, Activists, Entrepreneurs


Ursula Reid

Operations Manager

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